Our story


As a forest engineer Martin has learned to look at wood from a different perspective, than for example a carpenter. When he saw wood it was usually in one piece, still round and with bark. The only part that was really visible was where the tree was cut - the end grain.

For him it was and still is the most amazing part of a tree, because it is a window to the past and tells so many stories. For example how old the tree is, how the conditions were in every single year of his life and did something unexpected happen in his lifetime.

In his first winter after moving to Finland he was busy making firewood to keep our house warm. That was the time when he realized that light can shine through wooden end grain slices and it creates this beautiful and warm atmosphere. From there it took him about 2 years to develope the lamps that Kajo Design is now offering to you.

It made and makes him really happy and gives him a lot of satisfaction to develop his lamps from his favorite material and favorite part of wood.

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Kajo is a very old Finnish word, which is not much in use and many Finns actually don’t know it anymore. It cannot be translated directly, but it describes an indirect light that doesn’t shine so bright. Just the way how light shines softly through the Kajo Design lamps.

Kajo is the kind of light you see in the morning when the first gleam of light colors the sky before sunrise.


Sustainable acting and responsible dealing with raw materials are very important for us.

German foresters claim for themselves that they have coined the word sustainability. Growing up in Germany and studying at a university that has its focus on sustainable development and environmental protection Martin got very affected by these ideas and thoughts. In his opinion it is important to deal carefully and responsibly with the resources that we have. Kajo Design stands for this as well!


Especially in construction side it has long been known that wood from the Nordic countries has a lot advantages. Because of the rough climate the trees are growing slower than in e.g. middle Europe and are developing a higher density.

Based/Located in Finland, the country of lakes and forest, it is a must to use local wood. We aim to get our wood from as close as possible. To achieve this goal we are cooperating with a local saw mill.